Procedural games is a front for just one guy. Procedural. Adam. Me.

By day I'm a Web Developer. By night I sometimes sit in a little room lit up by backlit displays. Code is where I'm comfortable but when you're a one man band like me you soon learn to crack open ms paint. I never got past that stage when it comes to graphics. You didn't need me to tell you that did you. Currently this site is sparse so I'm also a busy bee making some entertainment honey for you to consume.

My favourite game is Super Metroid. Has been from it's launch. Maybe it's nostalgia. Maybe I'm stubborn.

I've been heavily influenced by all shapes and sizes of games, the good, the bad and even games made by Ljn. The cinematic modern AAA games. The load screen on a ZX Speccy infuriating me. Getting the game loaded to then flying kick ninjas and monkeys in Impossamole. The chatting in Façade. Christmas in Animal Crossing. Being killed and losing everything in Runescape. Late night TV show Quizmania while playing Halo 2 with friends the other side of the country. Buying World of Warcraft to play with friends and soon realising everyone is in a different area doing their own thing. Burn cycle on my CD-i blowing my mind as it promised. The moment creepers stopped scaring me in Minecraft. OK sadly that one hasn't happened yet.