Procedural Games welcomes you!

Procedural Games is going to blow your mind.

Or perhaps it will only mildly entertain you with games, toys, and amusements on this site of frivolity.

I'm on Twitter

I've been on it for a little while to tell the truth but now I have a site I should announce it a little. I'm @proceduralgames and you can even get to it by clicking on the little "t" on the building in the header. There's been a bit of radio silence as I used my spare time to work overtime and finish this. I'll put random things on there from time to time but right now I'm hoping to up my achievement rate on my bucket list so forgive me if I go a little quiet. I'll also hook my Twitter feed up to Facebook just because I can and you'll find that also on the building in the header.


I have very little of interest to say... Like everyone else on Twitter but don't be put off contacting me @proceduralgames

Procedural games site launch!

It's been a long time coming. Like all my projects this site has lingered but was always destined to get somewhere.

We'd all love to be able to imagine something and then

Whiz bang

It's suddenly made.

Sadly this has not been the case for Procedural Games. I went from a laptop dying to developing on a mobile. Slow going would be an understatement when discussing this website development lark on a 4 inch touch screen. Finally I picked up a cheap mac (I tell myself this) and finished it all off. The whole time I had been dreaming up ever more ridiculous designs daily. Today you have my take on a ludicrously joyous, unashamedly cheesy, smile inducing website to visit. This is only v0.1. Plenty more to build upon this.


Up in the sky is Sunny. Boy does she like to be tickled.